HMPL - Proportional directional spool valves

Foto - PSL, PSV, PSM, SL
The directional spool valve bank in series design is available in three sizes in type PSL for constant delivery pump systems and type PSV for variable displacement pump systems (pressure/flow controller). It is intended for load-independent, continuous control of the movement speed of hydraulic consumers. Several consumers can be operated simultaneously and independently from each other. The application area of this valve type is mostly in mobile hydraulics (e.g. crane control). Being able to select different maximum volumetric flows for consumer ports A and B as well as the option to use various additional functions (e.g. secondary pressure limitation, function deactivation, in the basic valve, in intermediate plates and ancillary blocks) guarantees optimal adaptation to the respective control tasks.
Overview of the product type
Prop. directional spool valve type PSL and PSV
SizeFlow rate (consumer) (lpm)Flow rate (total, pump) (lpm)System pressure (bar)Document